My Winter 2016 Checklist

holiday checklist

Last week the calendar flipped to December and I instantly hit Winter mode.  It just felt like Winter.  There’s a definite chill in the air, but the bitter cold has held off so I haven’t lost the motivation to run around and do things.  I did a pretty stellar job on my latest Fall checklist.  Special thanks go to my beau for surprising me with Broadway tickets and helping me cross one item off the list.  Flower arranging classes are apparently really expensive so it looks like that’s one item that will remain unchecked.  Oh well.  After doing so well with my Fall list, I felt inclined to make my Winter to-do list a bit longer.  Sure it seems busy now, but when the holiday season is over and the parties are done, I’ll still have a couple winter months that need to be filled with activities.

  1. See the Bergdorf’s windows – their display is always my favorite
  2. Happy hour at Grand Central Oyster Bar
  3. Host a casual dinner party
  4. Make a wreath
  5. Make French onion soup – I recently bought mini crocks and it’s time to put them to use!
  6. Try Stumptown’s Winter Cheer – the packaging is adorable, and I bet it tastes like the holidays
  7. Check out Paper Presentation – I know a stationery store may not sound exciting, but I get giddy over that type of thing and this store looks right up my alley
  8. Create a hot tea cocktail and drink it on a cozy winter night in
  9. Celebrate Chanukah by making latkes