PSA: Glossier

Sometimes I think there’s a place you’ve just got to know about and my Public Service Announcements (PSAs) will give you the full skinny.

By now, you’ve likely heard about Glossier, the internet based beauty company.  Long story short, the brand grew out of the beauty blog Into the Gloss and aims to make beauty a simple process.  For all you fans of MTV’s The Hills, it’s the brainchild of “super intern”, Emily Weiss.


I’ve been a fan of Glossier for a while, in concept alone.  Their branding is amazing.  They don’t just perpetuate Millennial Pink, you could argue they are its originators.  Mostly I like that their main goal is to arm you with the basics.  Don’t expect lots of glitter and pizzazz here.  These products will give you that simple, dewy look so you can finally embrace your mother’s maxim of “the goal of makeup is to look like you’re not wearing any.”  You can always add a crazy smoky eye to your look, but Glossier will set up your canvas.


I’ve wanted to order Glossier products for a while now, but I’ve held back since it’s an online company and I was unsure which shades would be right for me.  Thankfully, there is now a showroom in SoHo so I was able to try see the products up close, test them, and determine exactly which ones are best for me.


Now I know I’m definitely a “light” so there’s nothing holding me back from ordering the Phase I skincare set.  This is one suite of products I’m very excited to try.  I’ve been having some skin problems lately and looking to develop an actual routine that goes beyond “wash face, go to bed.”  This set includes their Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturizer, Balm Dotcom, and Perfecting Skin Tint and takes the guesswork out of the steps needed for a morning skincare routine and will hopefully help me press the reset button on my skin.

Other products I’m particularly interested in are the Haloscope highlighter, Generation G lipcolor, and famous Boy Brow shaper.


This store was great to walk around.  It looks just as you would expect: minimal decoration, clean lines, and fun phrases throughout.  I loved being able to try the products – it’s how I know the Milky Jelly Cleanser leaves your skin feeling so soft and the rose scented Balm Dotcom smells amazing.  There are aestheticians there to answer questions and take your order when you’re ready.  They’ll fill out an adorable prescription pad that you can take to the register and exchange for products.


As far as beauty and skincare products go, Glossier is pretty affordable.  If you’re in NYC and the only thing that’s stood between you and a purchase is color choice, get yourself to SoHo so you can see the products up close and personal – definitely worth it.