Book Review: I Feel Bad About My Neck (And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman)

This was a great book to kick off 2017, partly because it’s such a quick read you can finish it in one sitting and feel like you’ve already accomplished something in the new year but also because it’s just fun.

If you like the happy and neurotic tone of When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and You’ve Got Mail, you will love this book Nora Ephron, the same woman who graced us with those lovely films.  Each essay is a mini rant or rave about some minute piece of Ephron’s life, whether it’s a spiel on the many measures women take to stay looking young or the stress of carrying a purse.  A lot of the pieces remind me of how everyone called Seinfeld a show about nothing.  This is kinda like that…only in book form…and with a more female skew.

5 out of 5 stars.

i feel bad about my neck

Note: I have decided to participate in the Popsugar 2017 Reading Challenge.  All reading challenges are different.  While some are readathon style, this one is all about reading books that fall into random, oddly specific categories (42 categories, to be exact, plus 10 bonus ones for the overachievers).  I have never done a reading challenge before, but I’m excited to push myself.  In addition to helping me read more, I hope this challenge encourages me to discover new genres and books I wouldn’t normally pick up.  Currently, I have this book slotted to fill the “A book with a subtitle” requirement.  I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing with the challenge throughout the year!