3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

It’s still early enough in January that I’m getting by on my holiday high while also feeling productive as I re-introduce routine to my life.


This past weekend we got hit with snow.  Supposedly it was beautiful, but I decided not to go out and see it for myself.  I had gone out on Friday evening and felt no need to do anything on Saturday.  No, I was not hungover.  However, other than that spur of the moment happy hour on Friday, I had no scheduled plans for the weekend.  That’s the first time that had happened in months and I wanted to take advantage of the peace and quiet.  My beau left to do his own thing, while I spent the day catching up on tv, painting my nails, and reading.  I was happy to simply look at the winter wonderland from my window.  It was lovely.  That said, by Sunday, I was ready to get out of the house.  We headed to the West Village for pizza at John’s on Bleeker, followed by a shopping spree at BookBook.  Because the novelty of this season’s first real snow had worn off and it had turned to slush, everyone else spent Sunday indoors (they flip flopped with me!) so i felt like we had the city to ourselves.


On Tuesday, I went to dinner with Brittany and Jourdan.  I love that we became buddies through work, but even though Jourdan now works at another company and Brittany and I are now in different departments, we still make the effort to hang out.  I also love that we went to Jack’s Wife Freda because it’s so yummy.


I’ve become buds with our wedding violinist who let me know that The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra would be playing in NYC.  These Louisiana natives have been friends since the 7th grade and now live in my hometown of Savannah.  Along with their 17-piece band, they play all the classics.  Listening to their jazz/big band sound was a fun way to spend a Monday.

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