3 on Thursday

I just discovered Summer House on Bravo.  Every episode makes me yearn more and more for the summer.  I just want to wear those summer clothes and lay out by a pool.  That said, I realized that as much as I want to wear those clothes, my bod isn’t quite ready for them, so I’ve decided to increase the workouts and decrease the terrible eating.  Good news is, I’m actually enjoying the healthier lifestyle.  Also good news: my week has been pretty calm so I’ve been able to go to the gym.  This weekend I’m planning to hang out with girlfriends on Saturday.  Other than that, we’ll see what happens!


Over the weekend, my beau and I celebrated four years of dating.  I can’t believe we’ve been together so long and really can’t believe this was the last time we will use 2/4 as our anniversary date.  Once married, we will have a new date to mark our history as a couple.  We celebrated in a way that has become tradition: we go to Eataly and travel from station to station with our wine.  It was perfect.


We celebrated Liz’s birthday this year with a ladies’ tea.  Ten of us gals enjoyed fancy tea service, munching on finger sandwiches and scones, sipping tea.  Just like posh Englanders, Liz and I wore fascinators.  We had to do something just a little silly and festive.  It was so nice to have a private area of the restaurant, and I loved doing something different for a birthday.  Rather than just going to a bar, we were able to enjoy each others’ pleasant company in a civilized manner.  And then, of course, we hit up the bars to go dancing and get really drunk.  Yin and yang, people.

I just ordered a new notepad and I love the sweet packaging it arrived in.  I’ll always keep pen and paper around to write little notes, and if that paper is personalized, even better.  Also, I love this designer’s aesthetic and will probably go stationery crazy with her stuff.