3 on Thursday

Ok so life has been calm, but things are about to get a lil crazypants up in here.  Tonight we have the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit party, which will kick off my bachelorette weekend.  I’m taking tomorrow off to a) recover from Swimsuit and b) prep for the bachie.  Let’s get wild.


We had a massive snow storm last Thursday that shut down most of NYC.  Schools were closed and pretty much everyone worked from home.  Except for me.  My office was fully operational.  I would have loved having a snow day.  It would have been such a perfect day for one, too.  There was lots of snow, but it was not overly cold so you could spend most of the day cozy under blankets, binge-watching something, reading a good book, lighting candles, cooking something stew-like, and still go outside and play in the snow for a minute without feeling like you’re freezing.  Sadly, I didn’t get any of that, but it was very nice to look at from my office window.  I had been craving a beautiful snowy day like this.  But just one.  Now that we’ve had it, I’m totally ok moving into summer now.


Last week I set a goal of 4 workouts, and I actually hit it!  I honestly can’t tell you the last time I got in four workouts in a single week.  It feels good to be getting into shape.  My 3rd workout of the week was particularly fun.  While all my other workouts were simply me running on a treadmill, I was able to enjoy a spin class on Thursday evening.  The instructor is currently very into the new Lady Gaga album, so we just listened to that top-down.  The songs had a good mix that took us from sprints to hills and back again.  I’m normally anti meditation during spin class, but this instructor had me closing my eyes and picturing myself cycling up 3rd Avenue and through Central Park.


I spent all of Saturday afternoon in the West Village with Jourdan and Brittany.  While we were walking off our lunch, we stumbled into a protest.  Such acts of disobedience have become common in New York, but it was surreal to see it up close, particularly with such a large police force corralling the group the whole way.