When it came to my bachelorette weekend, I was just happy to have such a strong group of people ready and willing to party that I didn’t really care where we went.  Well, even if I didn’t care, Matt certainly did, and he knocked it out of the park with his choice for dinner on Friday night.  He said he wanted something “classy” and “not overly filling” before hitting the club and he found the perfect place in Alta.

Short Rib with Beet Pasta

Steph described Alta as one of her favorite places to bring her parents when they would come to visit and now I just want my parents to come so I can take them there too.  With a crew of 11 people, we were able to work our way through most of the menu, ordering the following:

  • Blistered shishito peppers
  • Fried goat cheese with lavender honey
  • Bacon wrapped dates and olives
  • Salmon tartare on a black rice crisp with salmon roe
  • Uni
  • Fried hen of the woods
  • Roasted royal trumpet with pesto and parmesan potato espuma (try saying that five times fast)
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Grilled octopus
  • Scallops
  • Shrimp with chorizo
  • Smoked sunchoke risotto with pecorino and meyer lemon
  • Ricotta gnocchi with poached egg and bacon
  • Pepperoncini linguine with bottarga
  • Pork belly
  • Braised short rib with beet pasta
  • Boquerones on toast
  • Burrata
Salmon Tartare
Boquerones and Bacon Wrapped Dates and Olives

We considered doing “The Whole Shebang” which is basically one of everything on the menu and in our case would have been plenty of food for less than $50 per person.  However, we had a couple of vegetarians in the crew who wouldn’t have been into a few of the dishes.  Also, we really wanted to double up on a few items, like the burrata and the octopus.  The recommend 2-3 dishes per person and after doubling down on a few, we ended up doing exactly that and found it to be the perfect amount of food.  I didn’t try all the items we ordered, but I got my hands on the majority (I missed the bacon wrapped dates and olives but heard they were addictive).  Of all the things I tried, my faves (yes, in order) were:

  1. Smoked sunchoke risotto with pecorino and meyer lemon (meyer lemon has such a perfect strong but dainty flavor that it made this dish perfection)
  2. Short rib with beet pasta (perfectly cooked and the pasta surprised me with how tasty it was)
  3. Boquerones on toast (I couldn’t pinpoint a single flavor in this one, but it came together as a wonderful snack)
  4. Pepperoncini linguine with bottarga (the unique combination of heat from the pepper and salt from the bottarga was great)
Grilled Octopus

Not everyone agreed with my ranking, but that just goes to show that there were TONS of standout dishes here.  Between the volume level and the inventive ingredient combos, this restaurant can certainly be considered trendy.  But it’s been around a while and the food shows no signs of disappointing anytime soon.  Other reasons: there was a fireplace right by our table (oo cozy!) and I enjoyed a tapas restaurant that was Mediterranean vs. soley-Spanish influenced.

PS – surprisingly, this place is cash or AmEx only

Pepperoncini Linguine