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3 on Thurday

Two weekends ago was honestly the most amazing of my life.  I have a feeling there will be at least 2 (maybe 3) posts devoted to reliving my bachelorette party.  And I’m sorry, but even within the individual 3 on Thursday posts, I couldn’t whittle down the moments to just three photos.

Because the majority of the people coming to the bachelorette party are in the NYC area and would have to travel for the wedding, I decided to stay local.  The only two girls who had to travel to get there won’t have to for the wedding, so everyone saw some cost savings.  Plus, NYC is one of the greatest cities in the world, why wouldn’t I want to stay here?!  That said, it still felt like a destination bachelorette.  We stayed in a hotel for a little staycation and it was probably one of my favorite parts.  I walked into the main hotel room and found it had been turned into party central for our Friday night pregame.  And I certainly can’t question whether or not my Man of Honor and bridesmaids know me because it was filled with all of my favorite things: a personalized sash for my love of monograms, a meat and cheese plate, and all things UGA, like a garter.  I also love that everyone got so into it, sporting flash tats for our night out.

My favorite hotel decoration was the photo wall.  Everybody loves a good photo wall.  Honestly, this pregame/bonding sesh was all I wanted for the weekend.


We balled out at the club on Friday night.  We went to Tao downtown for dancing and bottle service and did some damage.  And surprise!  I got my very own personalized sign with sparklers – what more can a gal want?!

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