Artichoke Pesto Chicken

I’m not sure if this dish should be classified as Italian or Greek.  I think of artichokes as more of a Mediterranean item, while pesto is certainly Italian.  That said, it doesn’t really matter as long as it tastes good, right?

Line a baking dish with boneless skinless chicken breasts.  (I used the kind that was already cut into tenders because that’s what I had on hand.)  Cover the chicken with store-bought pesto and then top with grape tomatoes and drained artichoke hearts that you’ve kind of broken apart by hand as you place them in the dish.  Bake at 425 for 25 minutes (you may need longer if you’ve got really thick chicken breasts).

pesto artichoke chicken2
Just out of the oven

I served the dish over a bed of fresh spinach that I cooked down with olive oil, nutmeg, white pepper, and salt.  Add a light dusting of fresh parmesan on the top of the whole thing and you’re good to go.

pesto artichoke chicken3
Be careful: when you slice into those tomatoes after they’ve been baking, they tend to squirt all over the place.

This meal had tons of flavor and was super healthy.  It also came together very quickly and resulted in about zero dishes to clean, which is HUGE on a Monday.

pesto artichoke chicken5