What’s Cookin?

We’re inching towards spring.

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Steps at Dylan’s Candy Bar


  • Restaurants
    • I’m a huge fan of Breads Bakery.  Every single item they make is delicious.  I particularly love how they make special seasonal treats to commemorate Jewish holidays.  I loved what they did with sufganiyot around Chanukah so I had to try their hamentashen in honor of Purim.  I tried all the flavors except poppy, including their unique savory flavors, potato onion and beet.  They were all amazing.  The apple tasted like some of the best apple pie ever and the chocolate was just like my Mom’s fudge pie.  The savory options are a first for me when it comes to hamentashen, but they were delicious.
    • I loooove pizza.  However, a type of pizza I’m completely unfamiliar with is clam pizza.  That’s totally a Yankee thing, but I’m definitely willing to try it.  I’ve narrowed it down to two of the places on this list.
  • Cooking
    • Beauty and the Beast and Le Creuset are a match made in heaven.  I’m so bummed this soup pot isn’t being sold at Macy’s where I have my wedding registry set up.
    • There’s a Shake Shack cookbook.  Other than the many rotating custard flavors, the menu is relatively simple so I’m not sure how they’re going to fill the book, but I’m very excited to find out since I loooove me some Shake Shack.
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Taking in a St. John’s game at MSG to support my fiancé’s alma mater

Food for Thought

  • As someone who always has a book within arm’s reach, I don’t need a book club to get me reading.  However, I do like this idea of a “no-pressure book club” to get me to hang out with friends.  I love the idea of everyone listening to an episode of a podcast.  You could either have everyone listen beforehand (like while they’re on their way to book club) or listen together once you’re all there.  How fun!
  • I need all these bookish products in my life.  My fellow bookworms feel me.
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A gorgeous building in Flatiron

Bits & Bites

  • Jourdan recently told me about Homesick Candles – candles designed to smell like your home state.  We joked that New York would be the stench of hot garbage.  (Thankfully, it’s the autumnal scents of pumpkin, apple orchards, hay, and fall foliage.)  I also love that Georgia’s is peaches and magnolia.  At just $30 for a large candle, I intend to stock my home.  This would also be a fabulous housewarming gift.
  • I really like this idea of setting up a bedroom theater.  For one, it would make watching movies in bed so much more fun.  But I also like that it keeps a tv out of the bedroom.  Though I used to be firmly in the other camp, I now like having a tv-free bedroom.  I sleep better if I decrease screentime before bed.  This would keep the tv out of my calm, sacred place unless it’s a special occasion.
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I have good taste in friends…friends who have good taste in lingerie.  It was a lovely surprise to come home to this gift from my oldest and dearest friend from home.