Curry Chicken wih Okra Cauliflower Rice

Turns out my beau is not really into curry.  I discovered this after I made a full curry meal.  Oh well.  The thing about curry is that not everybody likes it.  I happen to be a fan so for moi, this meal was actually perfect.  If you’re not a curry person…or maybe you like curry but only the coconut kind…this tomato curry dish won’t be your thing.  And that’s ok.  If you do, however, like tomato-based curry, keep reading because this is a super easy and yummy Indian meal.

curry chicken wih okra cauliflower rice1
A favorite Southern veggie is about to take an Indian spin

I took a lot of help from the store on this one.  Start by sauteing some frozen okra in pan.  Once it starts to warm through, add either fresh or frozen cauliflower rice.  The only seasoning you need here is salt.  I didn’t even need to add any oil or butter while I was cooking.  At first I was concerned about my okra to rice ratio.  I didn’t see enough green and thought I wasn’t healthy enough…until I realized my rice was actually cauliflower so this was actually extra healthy.  That’s a huge benefit to cauliflower rice.  It eliminates all guilt.

curry chicken wih okra cauliflower rice2

Once the okra cauliflower rice mixture is done, set aside on a platter and make your chicken.  Use that same pan to combine 3/4-1 full shredded/chunked rotisserie chicken with one jar of Trader Joe’s Curry Simmer Sauce.  Do as the name implies and simmer until it’s all warmed through.  Serve over the okra cauliflower rice.

This sauce has a nice little kick to it.  In addition to the red pepper, the coriander and turmeric spices really shine through.  It’s a nice thick sauce so I almost felt like I was eating the Indian version of a ragout.

curry chicken wih okra cauliflower rice3