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Book Review: I’m Glad About You

We all know those on-again/off-again couples in high school and college.  They torture us friends with their drama only to wind up with other people after years of back and forth.  Alison and Kyle are one such couple.  After a hot and heavy six years (including multiple breaks), they have finally decided to move on.

Alison has moved to New York to make it as an actress and Kyle has found success as a pediatrician and a wife home in Cincinnati.  By all accounts, they are both doing quite well, though it’s clear they both feel empty, as cliche as it sounds.  Rebeck manages to reveal this shallow happiness without being overly cheesy, so I gobbled up the story.  I was, however, a bit disappointed in the end, which seemed a little something to be desired.  I appreciated that it was a realistic ending, but one key trait by both these characters was their youthful hope.  The hope for something bigger and better.  By the end of the book, they’ve lost that and they’re ok with it, but after 360 pages of hope, I wasn’t ready to settle and wanted to scream “You’re better than that!” to both of them.

3 out of 5 stars.  Full point lost due to disappointing ending.

i'm glad about you

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