3 on Thursday

Spring is one week away and it has gotten brutally cold again.  On the bright side, that meant we had a snow day on Tuesday.  I don’t mind the cold quite as much when it means working in cozy clothes on my couch!

3 on thurs1

I recently took home this fun souvenir from work.  It’s the actual bikini top Hannah Ferguson wore in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, though I don’t know if you can call it a bikini top when it doesn’t actually cover anything.  It is very strange to think that this is part of my job.

3 on thurs2

My beau and I recently took in a St. John’s basketball game to support his alma mater.  Since they play at MSG, I made sure to stop for a quick photo opp with my fave Ranger, Dan Girardi.  The Rangers have been such a fun team to adopt as a New Yorker.

3 on thurs3

Dylan’s Candy Bar has a very impressive selection of Passover treats.