3 on Thursday

All of a sudden the wedding has become very real.  We arrive in Savannah in less than two weeks so I’m starting to feel a bit anxious.  Thankfully I haven’t really been stressed throughout the process…except when it comes to clothes.  I don’t really like shopping so I push it off.  Well, the time has come and I don’t really have anything to wear for the wedding weekend.  I have three outfits left to buy so I plan to kick it into high gear and find all of them this weekend.

3 on thurs1

I have been loving this Jo Malone candle lately.  I use it sparingly because these candles don’t come cheap, but it makes my home smell amazing and the scent lasts long after I blow out the candle.  It might be one of my favorite scents!

3 on thurs2

After a year of thinking about it, I finally joined Book of the Month Club.  I was on the fence because I didn’t want it to keep me from going to good old fashioned bookstores, but I realized I read 3-4 books each month so getting one in the mail won’t stop me from going to The Strand or BookBook.  Plus, who doesn’t love getting packages?!  

3 on thurs3

I rarely think about Madewell, but when I walked in the store over the weekend I remembered how much I love it.  In addition to having reliable basics, the Meatpacking location has a monogrammer on location – so perfect for me!