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Blake Lane

We were actually getting ready to walk into Beyoglu for lunch on Sunday when I noticed a new restaurant next door.  Since we had spent the whole day exploring new places, it seemed fitting to try a new restaurant as well.  The bright subway tile of Blake Lane is what beckoned me in – it was the first real spring-feeling day so it was nice to eat somewhere equally light-filled.

blake lane8blake lane7

We sat at the bar, where I have to say the stools were probably the most comfortable I’ve sat in.  While sitting comfortably, I took a moment to look around and notice that not only was the space bright,  but the food was as well.  Everything coming out of the kitchen was colorful.  Looking at the menu I saw lots of trendy, healthy food: avocado toast, tonics, and bowls galore.  Between that and the patrons who clearly came straight from Soul Cycle across the street and I felt like I was in Cali.

blake lane2

I wasn’t ready to get a tonic (that term intimidates me), but I did order their housemade blueberry limeade.  Turns out they ran out but offered the acai limeade (soon to be disappearing from the menu) instead.  It was refreshing, but a bit too tart since acai doesn’t have the same natural sweetening as blueberries.  I did like the idea of fresh juice, though, and feel like their cocktails would be great in the evening.  For his special drinkypoo, my beau got the purple smoothie (without avocado and dates).  I had a sip and thought it was delicious – the cashew butter was a great addition.

For food, Albert ordered the simple breakfast bowl + hanger steak.  Even without the steak, this was a super hearty meal with gorgeous nueske bacon and avocado, rare in a bacon/egg brekkie.  I, too, ordered a bowl, but mine was more veg-tastic.  The spring brassica bowl was filled with roasted cauliflower, snap peas, blanched asparagus, golden beet tahini, and pea mint salsa verde.  I added avocado and a fried egg to it as well.  The egg wasn’t necessary (the bowl was more satisfying than I imagined), but the avocado added nice texture and flavor.  It was also nice that they gave me an entire half avocado for my $3 addition.  I actually loved this bowl.  It felt like springtime, but I’d eat it all year long.

blake lane5blake lane1

I may make fun of those healthy California people, but every once in a while you need a lil detox.  Sometimes those west coasters know what they’re doing, but I’d much prefer living that Cali life on my own side of the country (where, fyi, they like to support local vendors).

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