PSA: Book of the Month

Sometimes I think there’s a place you’ve just got to know about and my Public Service Announcements (PSAs) will give you the full skinny.

It took me so long to pull the trigger on Book of the Month.  I think the biggest thing is that I was nervous having a book shipped straight to my apartment would mean I wouldn’t go out and support local bookstores.  I was also concerned I would be spending too much money since they’re new hardbacks instead of the cheaper paperbacks I usually wait to buy.  But then I did the math: I read, on average, 3.5 books per month.  Getting one sent to me in the mail means I’ll still have plenty of books to buy at book shops.  Also, the price of BOTM can’t be beat.  The most expensive plan works out to $15/book, which is the cost of a paperback, but you’re getting a just-released hard cover.  AND if I wanted to add an extra book (because sometimes you simply can’t choose), that’s offered at an even bigger discount.  And there’s no shipping charges.  I mean, it’s basically free.

book of the month2
My subscription came with a new [nice and sturdy] tote – yippee!
There are so many other reasons I love this subscription service.  I love love love getting mail so it’s fun to get a package each month.  I also love the options.   If, for instance, I don’t love any of the selections for a current month, I can simply skip that month without being charged.

I also really like how the selections are perfectly curated each month.  Every book is chosen by one of their “judges”.  When looking at the 5 selections each month, you’ll get to read a review by the judge, which is super helpful in seeing if a book is right for you.  They also often have guest judges, aka celebrities like Hoda Kotb, Allison Williams, and Whoopi Goldberg.  I like feeling like I’m in a conversation when choosing books.  And this is a conversation with people who actually know what they’re talking about.

book of the month3
The rest of my first box’s contents

While I would be more than happy to join BOTM on my own, my impetus to join was actually a new book club.  A few friends and I just decided to start a lil book club and are using BOTM as our foundation.  It’s super helpful because with only 5 books to choose from each month, we aren’t going back and forth with suggestions of what to read.  Also, since all the books are brand new, we don’t have to worry about one of the book club members having read one already.

I only learned of BOTM about a year ago, but they’ve been going strong since 1926 so they know what they’re doing.  That said, they’re keeping with the times.  On their website you can engage in book discussions that are organized by month and book selection so it’s super easy to navigate.  They also make it easy to gift subscriptions, and I can’t think of a better (and more reasonably priced) gift – after all, it was a fabulous gift to myself.