The Sweet Shop

This is the kind of shop that should actually be spelled “shoppe,” that’s how adorable it is.  The Sweet Shop is a tiny candy store on 73rd between 1st and York, but they manage to pack so many amazing sweets in a a small space.

the sweet shop5

First there’s the wall of gummies and chocolate so you can make a mixed bag.  Then there’s floor to ceiling shelves of small batch chocolate.  Don’t miss the soft-as-butter caramels by the register, stored in a card catalog.

the sweet shop12the sweet shop11the sweet shop10

the sweet shop8

Love the scrabble tile presentation

I got to spend some time chatting with Matt, the son of the father/son team who run this perfect place.  I didn’t know it was possible to know so much about chocolate.  He was on point with his recommendations and acted as a candy fortune teller, able to predict precisely which chocolate bars and caramels I would favor.

the sweet shop7

You don’t even chew this chocolate.  Put it on your tongue and let it melt.  These are the things I learned from Matt.

the sweet shop2

Caramel covered marshmallows.  Yum.

While there, we stocked up on gummies, I got a ridiculous $16 artisinal chocolate bar from Pump Street that features sourdough bread, and I picked out a few of some of the softest, best caramels I’ve tasted.  We didn’t get any ice cream, because we were stuffed, but they carry some of the city’s best purveyors and serve it in the cutest way possible, inside Chinese takeout containers.

the sweet shop1

How amazing is this chandelier?!

the sweet shop6

Matt and the team

the sweet shop3

Even the shopping bag is cute with ribbon on the handle and a cute lil statue of liberty stamped on the back.

The Sweet Shop isn’t necessarily budget candy, but the selection is perfectly curated so it makes a wonderful treat.

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