3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

The wedding is over, which means the best week of my life is over.  If the wedding week was any indication of what’s to come in married life, I am one VERY lucky lady.  Today’s 3 on Thursday will focus on Wednesday, 4/5/17, the day we arrived in Savannah for the wedding celebrations.

3 on thurs1

Flying with a wedding dress is FABULOUS!  Everyone is so nice to you when they see you carrying that big white garment bag.  We were able to board early so we could safely stow our wedding garb and my dress even got a seat of its own (which was very helpful since it was fully beaded and could be easily damaged if knocked around).  The Delta staff was a huge help including this fine Italian gent here (I feel like his name was Finniocino?) who helped with my dress and hooked us up with a cocktail or two on the flight.  Since everyone was so accommodating while we were getting there, it helped keep us cool, calm, and collected.

3 on thurs2

We went straight from the airport to the courthouse to get our marriage license.  When you arrive in the probate court you choose a form for your desired license: marriage or gun.  There were a lot of people there for guns.  Also, the forms ask just a few questions, some of which are a bit antiquated and race related.  Only in Georgia.  I thought it would feel very real at this point, but I was surprised to find that it didn’t hit me just then.

3 on thurs3

It always feels a little strange to be back behind the wheel of a car since I only ever drive when I’m in Savannah, but I did a lot of driving and errand-running on Wednesday and Thursday.  We were super organized getting ready for this wedding so I didn’t imagine there would be much to do, but I was very wrong.  It was all easy stuff, but there was a lot of running around.  It made me very happy we got to Savannah as early as we did because otherwise we would be very stressed and rushed trying to get it all done before guests started arriving.

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