My Spring 2017 Checklist

I actually completed the majority of items on my latest Winter Checklist – yippee! Β Now it’s time to think about spring. Β Normally I would have posted this earlier, but I was a little pre-occupied planning the wedding. Β It doesn’t matter because it took so dang long for spring to get here anyway. Β Here’s what I’d like to accomplish this season (now that it finally finally feels like spring).

spring 2017 checklist

Cathedral square in Old Havana

  1. Actually keep a travel journal on my minimoon so I can remember everything
  2. Take my new camera on an expedition to a fun city location like Central Park or the townhouses of the West Village
  3. Change my name
  4. Make a batch of frittata muffins to entice me to work out on weekday mornings before work
  5. Buy a gingham piece of clothing

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