My Spring 2017 Checklist

I actually completed the majority of items on my latest Winter Checklist – yippee!  Now it’s time to think about spring.  Normally I would have posted this earlier, but I was a little pre-occupied planning the wedding.  It doesn’t matter because it took so dang long for spring to get here anyway.  Here’s what I’d like to accomplish this season (now that it finally finally feels like spring).

spring 2017 checklist

Cathedral square in Old Havana

  1. Actually keep a travel journal on my minimoon so I can remember everything
  2. Take my new camera on an expedition to a fun city location like Central Park or the townhouses of the West Village
  3. Change my name
  4. Make a batch of frittata muffins to entice me to work out on weekday mornings before work
  5. Buy a gingham piece of clothing

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