What’s Cookin?

Springtime springtime yayyyyy springtime

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Macarons at Ladurée


  • Restaurants
    • Emmer & Co. supplies super fancy chickens to all the best restaurants in the San Francisco area.  Such restaurants were always out of my reach, but now I guess I can get my hands on those elegant chickens through Amazon.
    • I’ve always been jealous of those tech companies that give their employees an amazing spread of free food each day, but now that I’ve read an explanation as to how free breakfast benefits the company as well I’m fully lobbying for my company to sign up.
  • Cooking
    • It’s almost rosé season!  Though all rosé is good rosé, here’s a guide to picking the best.
    • I tend to simply roast asparagus with some everyday seasoning, but I think these three recipes would be a nice way to shake it up with the seasonal veggie.

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Blossoms in Central Park

Food for Thought

  • I recently read and thoroughly enjoyed The Women in the Castle.  While Googling the author, I found this piece she wrote for the New York Times about her reconciliation with her grandparents being “ordinary German” Nazis.
  • Just like the “in bed” joke with fortune cookies, adding this one line after the first sentence of any book will make it soooo much more fun to read.
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Fun sculptures in the West Village

Bits & Bites

  • For my single readers, this study kinda turns what we think about Tinder on its head.
  • I recently discovered artist David Parise at a flea market and find his work to be super fun.  He places vintage Barbie and Ken dolls into Slim Aarons-type settings.
  • I just love this piece on parents creating a mini Blockbuster in their home for their autistic son.  I don’t imagine it took tooooo much time or money, but it’s something that makes a massive difference to their son.  It makes me happy to see people who are so engaged in parenting.
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Snake charmer-ish baskets spotted at a flea market that I intend to use in whatever apartment I live in next