Curry Chicken Salad

Almost every curry chicken salad recipe you’ll find will contain some sort of fruit, like grapes or mango.  I, however, hate fruit in my chicken salad so I made up something of my own that I thoroughly enjoyed.  When almost every curry chicken salad recipe is virtually the same, I hope people appreciate that I’m putting something different out in the universe.

curry chicken salad1

Mix chopped rotisserie chicken with mayonnaise and curry powder to taste.  The amount of mayo is totally up to you and how gooey you like your chicken salad.  Same with how you cut up/mix the chicken.  I used rotisserie chicken and mashed it til it was smooth-ish.  You could also do this with cubed boiled/baked chicken breast.  It would be even healthier and have a different texture.  You could also substitute Greek yogurt for the mayo.  What I will advise is to mix the curry powder with the mayo and then add that to the chicken.  it will help the curry flavor more evenly infuse the dish.

curry chicken salad4

To the chicken/mayo mix, I added defrosted peas because I feel like so many of my favorite curry dishes include peas.  Finally, for a little crunch I added toasted pine nuts.  I served it inside a whole wheat tortilla wrap with fresh spinach.

curry chicken salad6

Yum yum yum in my tum tum tum…unless you don’t like the polarizing flavor that is curry.  Because then you’d probably hate this.  Oh well.