Tipsy Scoop

Grown Ups was not lauded by critics.  I would have to agree; it wasn’t Adam Sandler’s best.  But there was one scene where the kids overhear their parents talking and ask what “wasted” meant.  Sandler responds that it’s when you have a hankering for ice cream.  An adorably little girl then says “I wanna get chocolate wasted!”

Now, we can all get chocolate wasted.  And strawberry wasted.  And maple bacon wasted.  At Tipsy Scoop, they sell boozy ice cream.  Yes, booze infused ice cream.  And it’s not a gimmick – each scoop of ice cream is actually 5% ABV.  So it’s like having a beer but so much tastier.  And, yes, it means they check your ID.


Originally, the brand was just selling the ice cream by the pint at nice grocery stores.  However, after enough people went to their Harlem factory asking for the goods, they decided it was time to open a scoop shop.

I was so excited when their ice cream “barlour” was set to open on Sunday.  I learned on Instagram that the first 25 people would get $1 scoops and the first 50 would get tanks and totes.  Since the store is close to my apartment, I was able to easily stop by and strolled up 30 minutes before their grand opening “just in case there was a line.”  Yea….there were HUNDREDS of people already waiting.  Nevermind that only 50 of those people would get anything free or discounted.  Since it was so close to the apartment and there was no way I’d be getting anything for free, I decided there was no need to wait in a ridiculous line.  I returned on Monday after supper and walked right in.

tipsy scoop3

The store itself is small – just enough room for a few people to sit on stools – but ice cream is best for strolling the streets anyway.  The menu features something for everybody.  If you’re into sorbets (or are lactose/gluten free, vegan), they have about three.  They also have 10+ boozy ice cream flavors and one seasonal that changes each month.  The current seasonal, in partnership with Patron, is a scoop of orange lime Reposado sorbet and a scoop of berry red wine served in a churro bowl.  Yes, a bowl made out of a churro.

tipsy scoop4

My beau went simple and got the vanilla bean bourbon.  I wanted to try it all, especially the funkier flavors.  Thankfully, they offer the option to do a flight, just like you would with beer.  This time, however, instead of mini beers, the paddle is topped with four sprinkle-rimmed shot glasses of your choice.  I chose the hot buttered rum (Albert’s favorite), strawberry white sangria sorbet (just like a frozé or daiquiri), dark chocolate whiskey salted caramel, and maple bacon bourbon (with very real bacon bits).  I loved all of them but would probably say the dark chocolate whisky and maple bacon bourbon were my top choices.  I’m not a chocolate ice cream gal so the fact that I enjoyed that one says a lot about the flavor.

tipsy scoop6

I would say this is great ice cream even if it didn’t have the added booze benefits.  And with it being close by, I have a feeling I’ll be stopping by a lot this summer.

tipsy scoop5