3 on Thursday

Things have gotten back to normal post-wedding/minimoon, in the best way possible.  We haven’t had a ton of major plans, so we’ve just been spending the weekends enjoying the city.  I’ve even been enjoying the city in the mornings, too.  I don’t love putting myself to bed early, but it’s been nice to wake up early for a run outside.

3 on thurs 5.11.17 - 1

My office building connects underground so it’s possible for me to do most of my commute indoors.  In the winter that felt necessary, but now that it’s warming up, I’ll spend some of the walk outside, enjoying the fresh air and scenery, like the Oculus (above).

3 on thurs5.11.17 - 2

The Sweet Shop introduced me to Pump Street Bakery, a UK brand that makes single origin chocolate with the bread they’ve gotten so good at making.  Charlie Bucket would gasp at the price of this $16 chocolate bar, but it’s large, unique, and only takes a very teeny bit to satisfy you.  It’s a once-in-a-while treat, but a good find.

3 on thurs5.11.17 - 3

I was so excited when Santa brought me a Rangers shirt back in December.  I’m even more excited to have a chance to wear it while we watch them in the playoffs.  Though I probably won’t wear this shirt for the rest of the season since they lost this game, I loved looking the part of a true Rangers fan.