Slow Cooker Chicken Caesar Wrap

I usually use my slow cooker for recipes that take around 8 hours so it can cook while I’m at work; however, this recipe for slow cooker chicken caesar wraps takes considerably less time (only 4.5 – 5.5 hours on LOW, even less on high).  That means it’s not quite long enough to cook while I’m at work but too long to cook the whole thing after I get back from work.  On a rainy Sunday, however, it’s perfect.  We had the kind of weather where you want a home cooked meal but too exhausted from a busy weekend to put forth any real cooking effort.  It could cook away while we ran errands and caught up on the DVR.

slow cooker chicken caesar wrap1

I followed the recipe exactly, simply cutting it in half for our family of two.  1 lb. of chicken makes 3 sandwiches.  I cooked it on high and checked on it after 2 hours, when I learned it was plenty cooked enough to start shredding so you can probably shave 30 minutes off the recipe if you’re pressed for time.

I was a bit stingy with the parm (see assembly pics with and without chicken, above) so that would be the only change I make next time.  I should know better than to skimp on cheese.

slow cooker chicken caesar wrap4
They always look prettier when you cut them at the diagonal like that, right?

Albert enjoyed it and actually requested I make the chicken again to serve over rice, so that’s something to keep in mind for the future.  I also enjoyed it because it required exactly 5 ingredients and 0 effort on my part.

slow cooker chicken caesar wrap5
Use whatever lettuce you like – I found a great butter lettuce mix that was perfect.