3 on Thursday

This past weekend was relatively low key.  While I had plans on Saturday night, the rest of the weekend was pretty much spent in the apartment, reading a new book and binge-watching Season 2 of “Master of None.”  This weekend is similarly plan-free, but I imagine we’ll be spending more time outside the apartment since the weather is supposed to be nicer.

3 on thurs1 - 5.18.17

I recently discovered these candles from Harlem Heirloom at a flea market and love the scents.  I think they pretty much only sell at street fairs, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled, but this is a new fave.

Last week I went to see Amélie with Jourdan.  I was a bit skeptical because I have somewhat of thing against simply turning successful movies into Broadway musicals and because the reviews were neither amazing nor terrible.  Still, I had to give it a go because Amélie is one of my top five movies of all time and I was curious to see how it would play out on stage.  Turns out, it was quite charming!  Perhaps not the best show I’ve ever seen, but it was very entertaining and the music was lovely.  I also liked that it was an hour forty minutes with no intermission so it was done around 9:15, making it a great way to spend a weeknight.  Sadly, I just learned it will be closing after this week, so I’m extra glad I got to see it when I did.

3 on thurs2 - 5.18.17

In addition to some rainy weather, the main reason my beau and I stayed home most of the weekend was because he messed up his knee something terrible.  He was pretty much restricted to the couch so I decided the least I could do was make him a nice happy hour spread.  I stopped at Murray’s on the way home and picked up meats, cheeses, and a baguette to make our Friday night at home a bit more enjoyable.