Travel Journal: Cuba – Part 5

We headed back to NYC Sunday afternoon, but since you need to get to the airport 3 hours early for an international flight, we really just had the morning to enjoy some breakfast before hitting the road.  Though that may not be super interesting, I’ve included some overall notes from our trip as a sort of recap.

cuba - part5, 1

FYI: For this final recap to make complete sense, check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

cuba - part5, 2

Day 4.5 (Sunday, 4/16/17)

Before heading to the airport we had time for one last leisurely breakfast so we walked down the street to a place called Cafe Nona.  I got another jamon y queso sandwich (probably the best of the trip) with another one of those delicious cafe bombons and Albert got a full breakfast of eggs with fruit, toast, and ham.  Then it was off to the airport with a mind full of fabulous memories.

cuba - part5, 6


  1. CUCs are even to the dollar…so you can see how cheap everything is.  You will ONLY be able to use cash.  Take out more than you think you need to be safe.  Even the fanciest hotel wouldn’t take a credit card.
  2. Four days was the perfect amount of time to see all of Havana without feeling rushed.  If you want to go to the beach (which I hear is great) or a tobacco plantation, you’ll want one more day.
  3. Go NOW.  We could see construction on some very fancy hotels happening.  And cute restaurants and bars with quality food and drink (much better than what they’ve had in the past) are popping up everywhere.  This city is about to feel way different and get way more expensive.
  4. English is not widely spoken.  Brush up on your Spanish.
  5. Bring toilet paper with you when you leave your Airbnb/hotel.  Most bathrooms don’t have it.  Most don’t have toilet seats.
  6. We passed the cutest looking restaurant called Habana 61.  We didn’t make it there and instead opted to eat at Hotel Nacional on our final night.  It is my one food regret of the whole trip, as I’ve since heard it’s very good.  There was another cute place called La Makina nearby that showed promise.  If you go, look into these spots.
  7. Other cool activities we didn’t get around to trying were going to a baseball game (such a big part of the cultrue) and seeing a performance at the Gran Teatro.  I peered into the theater and it looked beautiful but the timing of the ballet didn’t quite match our schedule.
  8. This write-up pretty much covers it all, but I kept a detailed travel journal with even more info.  If you’re looking to plan a trip to Cuba and need help building out your itinerary or have any questions about what it was like, reach out!

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