Stylin: Brunch at Cloister Café in Dreary Weather

Part of the fun of enjoying a meal is dressing for it. The right outfit sets the mood. I think the food just tastes better when I’m dressed appropriately for the occasion. My ensemble for a night out with the girls is very different from the one I would wear to a Sunday boozy brunch. Here, I’ll show you how I style myself for all sorts of different meals.

Ok so the first thing I’m going to say is this is not really a plug for Cloister Café.  I can’t believe I’m saying this about a restaurant that has such a great garden space (a hot commodity in NYC!), but the food isn’t very good, so I’d probably avoid it.  When we arrived for their joint bday brunch, Lindsay and Jason warned about the food, but also said your entree comes with a coffee and one free cocktail, there’s hookah, and they have a great outdoor space.  Everything she said was true, and I took it as my hint to order the simplest thing on the menu.  I got three eggs (scrambled with cheese) with bacon and an english muffin.  I was probably the only one who wasn’t severely disappointed – then again, it’s tough to screw up scrambled eggs.  The food may have been a downer, but we had that great garden Lindsay mentioned so that’s a plus.

stylin - cloister cafe1

Now, what do you wear to a casual brunch where the food is not looking to impress and you’ll be seated outdoors in very overcast weather?

I decided boyfriend jeans would work.  I got these raw hem, quasi-loose guys from Pookie and Sebastian last week (sale on sale on sale – $30) and wore them with suede peep-toe block heels (DSW, ~$40, old).  I picked up this Joie trapeze top from Saks on Friday where it was doubly on sale for $53.  I finished it off with a fringe bag (H&M, ~$20, old), crystal ear jackets (Bauble Bar, $32), and a leather strap that I tied like a choker/lariat (Forever 21, <$5).

stylin - cloister cafe2
In this weather, why even bother doing your hair?

So there ya have it: mostly old pieces given new life with a new top.  Cropped jeans and no sleeves as fitting for our approaching warm weather, but in a dark color palate to match the dreary day.

stylin - cloister cafe3
This top is giving me desert vibes, no?