Norma opened a few months ago and while I’ve wanted to try it, it’s right next to my absolute favorite neighborhood restaurant, so it always loses the coin toss.  I finally tried it about a week and a half ago and think it’ll have to stay top of mind from now on.  The Sicilian restaurant specializes in pizzas (check out their brick oven in the open kitchen!) so we ordered one to split.  But I’m getting ahead of myself…


First we ordered a few apps: olives (because my beau can’t resist), burrata (because I can’t resist), and a stuffed artichoke.  It’s rare to see stuffed artichokes on a menu and I usually have to wait for the annual San Gennaro street festival to get one, so I had to try it.  It was absolutely packed with garlic-y bread crumbs.  There was way more stuffing than I expected.  Overall, very satisfied with the appetizer selection.


Now we can get back to the pizza.  We ordered the cotto and funghi (prosciutto and mushroom) and were very happy.  The undercrust was a little soft, but the crust part of the crust (like the edge) was perfect.


All in all a very solid meal.  Also good: they have a selection of $9 and $10 wines and the service was great.  Both of those things make me happy.  I’ll also have to keep the lasagna in mind for the future.  When I saw it brought to our neighbor’s table, I asked how it was, and he said it was the best he’s had other than his Mom’s.  I’m going to have to see if that’s true, which means I’ll definitely be back.