3 on Thursday

This long weekend was great (I’ll never complain about having a short week), but it didn’t quite feel like a long weekend.  That’s partly because the weather was kind of crummy, and also because I had different plans than in the past.  Usually the long weekend is filled up with one major event/trip or a long relaxing staycation.  This time, our plans fell somewhere in the middle.  Everything we did was fun, but my brain didn’t quite know what to make of it.  Now I’m looking forward to this weekend because Liz is coming!  Liz is coming!  Liz is coming!

3 on thurs1 - 6.1.17

We had an early dismissal on Friday so I met up with Jourdan for a late lunch and hours of strolling through SoHo.  On our walk, she introduced me to the draft latte at La Colombe.  I can’t believe I didn’t know this existed!  Basically, it’s a latte that’s poured from a tap, like a beer.  It’s infused with nitrogen gas and the resulting texture is silky perfection.  It’s almost like melted ice cream…but way more caffeinated.

I’m not super into full length dresses, so when I get invited to a black tie optional wedding, I go more the “optional” route.  I usually end up wearing a very formal cocktail dress, usually midi length and going more formal with hair/makeup/jewelry.  This time, I got my hair done at DreamDry and loved the experience (more than Drybar!).  I worked of a photo of Julianne Hough and created a fauxhawk of sorts with 3 buns in a vertical line down the back of my head.  I absolutely loved the result.  I’ll definitely go back before our next wedding in two weeks.

3 on thurs3 - 6.1.17

The wedding we went to on Saturday was even more fun than I’d expected.  The band was absolutely fabulous so we were on the dance floor all night.  It was our first wedding as a married couple and didn’t disappoint.