BBQ Chicken Tacos

Last Tuesday may have been Taco Tuesday, but it was also our first day back from the Memorial Day Weekend holiday so I had BBQ on the brain.  I decided to combine the two and make – tada! – BBQ chicken tacos.

bbq chicken tacos1

bbq chicken tacos2

I slathered boneless skinless chicken breasts with boozy bacon bbq sauce (but any bbq sauce will work) and baked in a 400 oven for about 25-30 minutes.  While the chicken cooked, I prepped the toppings: shredded cabbage with lime, chopped tomato, shredded cheese, and sour cream.  I let the chicken cool a bit before chopping it up and serving it in corn tortillas (with all the aforementioned toppings.

bbq chicken tacos3

Note: I finally learned the trick to corn tortillas.  They always seem dry and crack apart whenever I buy them.  The secret is to heat them up.  Simply warm them for about 30 seconds/side in a pan and you’re good to go.  It seriously made ALL the difference.  And that’s important because I really like corn tortillas with these tacos.  Corn is big at bbqs, so it ties into the theme nicely.

bbq chicken tacos4

This was one of the quickest taco recipes I’ve ever prepared.  The chicken is cooked quickly and in the oven for super easy cleanup.  The toppings were basic and required almost zero prep.  The cabbage is great for crunch and needs nothing more than a squeeze of lime for flavor.  I really didn’t overthink this one, and it resulted in a very happy beau who went back for his 4th taco.

bbq chicken tacos5