Seasonal Tastes: June 2017 – Basil Broccoli Rice Salad

Basil is a super summertime herb and now that it’s June, it’s SUMMER.  I decided to incorporate basil into something other than a caprese salad and thought riced broccoli might be a good change of pace.  Normally, I would sauté the broccoli rice, but this time I wanted something extra fresh feeling so I steamed it just for a hot sec.  Here’s all you have to do:

Steam riced broccoli in a fine mesh strainer/colander for about 5 minutes.  Look at the before [left] and after [right] pics above: see how it turns that gorgeous bright green color?  It’s still crunchy but no longer has that raw texture.

broccoli rice and basil salad3

Let the broccoli rice cool until it reaches [close to] room temperature and then toss with freshly torn basil, crumbled blue cheese, and salt/pepper.  Finally, make a dressing out of olive oil, honey, dijon mustard, and crushed red pepper flakes.  Toss to lightly coat.

broccoli rice and basil salad4

I served it alongside salmon because I feel like the honey dijon flavors in the salad dressing also pair nicely with salmon.  Very healthy meal, right?!  This dish works at room temp or chilled, so it’s great to bring to work the next day.  And if you toss in some grilled chicken, you’ve got a full meal.

broccoli rice and basil salad5