PSA: Quad Cinema

Sometimes I think there’s a place you’ve just got to know about and my Public Service Announcements (PSAs) will give you the full skinny.

One of my favorite things to do is go to Indie films.  This was something that was completely impossible for me to do growing up in Savannah so I love the oh-so-New York feeling of checking out an indie.  My beau feels the same way and enjoys discovering under-the-radar flicks and compelling documentaries in small, local theaters.  My Mom shares this love, particularly because it’s something she can only do on her visits to NYC, so we always try to squeeze one in when she’s here.

quad cinema3

This Saturday was a total movie day.  It was gross and rainy so staying indoors was ideal.  I pulled up Fandango to find something good and discovered Score, playing at a theater I’d never heard of.  The premise of the movie, interviewing renowned composers about the most widely listened-to music genre, appealed to all three of us so I bought tickets.

quad cinema2

I may not have known about Quad Cinema, but it has quite a history.  When it opened in 1972, it was the first theater in the city that could screen multiple movies at once.  Though this pioneer closed two years ago, it just reopened in super snazzy fashion.  Crisp digital displays, Ample Hills ice cream at concession, and Dyson dryers in the bathrooms.  The theaters are small but quite comfortable with great sound.  It makes you feel like you’re at an intimate screening.  We definitely felt that way when our film’s director stopped in to introduce the movie since it was their opening weekend.  What a nice lil treat!

quad cinema1

It seems like The Quad shows a nice mix of new and old films.  They also regularly entertain discussions with filmmakers, which can definitely elevate the movie-going experience.  I noticed they opened a bar next door and could totally see myself enjoying a glass of wine and stimulating, bougie conversation with fellow cinephiles before or after a film.

FYI – I was a big fan of the movie,  If you can, be sure to check it out.  It was so interesting to learn the history of the film score and to see composers in their process.  The talent they got to discuss the music was amazing as well.  The film’s director was there to intro the movie and gave us the heads up to stay after the credits for a clip of James Cameron discussing a pivotal “Titanic” moment – make sure you stick around for that part!