Treadwell Park

I was familiar with Treadwell Park in the UES, but was excited to learn they’ve opened a second location not too far from my office.  We stopped by this week for a co-worker’s going away shindig and everyone enjoyed the food, drinks, and atmosphere – definitely a great addition to the work ‘hood.

treadwell park6

treadwell park4

Beer is the top priority here.  In addition to having at least 20 craft brews on tap, they use beer in some of their cocktails and offer beer floats.  Sadly, I was drinking water because I had to keep myself in line to leave on time to hit up the Dr. for a vaccination (long story).  Everybody else’s drinks looked great, though.

treadwell park3

And don’t worry if beer isn’t your thing.  There’s plenty of non-beer to drink, and the food menu covers all the bases, from smoked pork nachos (served on individual chips and piled high – I approve) to schnitzel to plenty of options “served on bread” (burgers, sandwiches, and even a lobster roll).

treadwell park5treadwell park2

Then there are the non-food, non-drink attractions.  Treadwell Park has pinball machines, ping pong, and sometimes live music.  The picnic tables give it a beer hall feel and make it a great place to watch sports.

treadwell park1

With the doors and windows open, this bar is a great summer spot.  It’s always a good sign when I feel the need to put on my sunglasses while eating and drinking.  That said, there are enough activities here that will make this place clutch in the winter.  You don’t feel as bad spending all night at a bar when you’re spending that time playing foosball and eating free popcorn.

treadwell park1