What’s Cookin

It’s time to enjoy the summer now that it’s finally here!


  • Restaurants
    • Haven’t you always wondered why there’s a pepper in your Papa John’s pizza box?  Here’s the reason, straight from the horse’s mouth, along with the best way to eat it.
    • Our return flight from our honeymoon was cancelled and we were booked on something that leaves the following day.  With an extra day in Rome, I’m hoping to hit up some good restaurants from this list or this one.
  • Cooking
what's cookin1 - july 2017
Close up of the flowers my beau had delivered to my office on Friday, along with an invitation to dinner.  I couldn’t take my birthday off like I usually do, but this made it not so bad.

Food for Thought

  • How cool is this Subway Library?!  What a great way for the NYPL to remain relevant and for people to get reading.  If you’re in the NYC area, I hope you find yourself in one of these subway cars during your commute – it’s happening for another 2 weeks!
  • I’m a fan of journaling, but, admittedly, I can fall off course quite a bit.  I’m really intrigued by The Five Minute Journal.  With specific prompts, it speeds up the journaling process so it’s possible to maintain the habit everyday, but it still seems to have the same cathartic effect.
what's cookin2 - july 2017
Love this setup at the Union Square Greenmarket

Bits & Bites

  • I’ve been a fan of Zoe Lister-Jones as an actress for a while, but now I’m a fan of her as a general life inspiration.  She’s the woman behind the all female movie Band Aid, which is incredibly cool.  Not only did she write, star in, and direct the film, she employed an ENTIRELY female crew.  Badass.
  • I’ve always loved home decor, but now that we’re moving it’s not weird to embrace my passion.  I’m very intrigued by the idea of a bold wallpaper and feeling inspired by these spaces.
  • In other home decor news, I’m trying to design our new place in advance so we’re not just sitting in an empty apartment for months while I wait to find the perfect pieces (which is what happened in my current place), nor do we rush to fill it for the sake of filling it, winding up with a non-cohesive scheme that doesn’t feel like us (what happened in my previous apartment).  This time, I’m working to find a middle ground.  I’ve made mood boards and already picked out some pieces so I can just pull the trigger once we find THE place.  While I am drawn to the Lowcountry style design of my hometown, I recognize that doesn’t quite work in New York.  Instead, I’m pulling from my favorite time period, the Prohibition Era for inspiration.  While I wouldn’t go with blush tones, I really like what this couple did with their apartment.  I’m hoping ours turns out looking just as nice!
what's cookin3 - july 2017
Like every female, I was so happy when peony season arrived and put a bunch on prime display in my home.