Stylin: My Travel Uniform

Whether it’s a plane or a train, I wear virtually the exact same outfit whenever I travel.  Not only is my go-to ensemble practical for navigating the ins and outs of traveling, wearing the same thing each time means it’s one less outfit to plan.  I used to spend tons of time thinking about every outfit needed for the trip itself, only to find myself staring at my closet with no clue what to wear for the traveling part as I’m rushing to get to the airport.  Also, since my flights home to Savannah are usually too early to even have a coffee before leaving the apartment, I need something that doesn’t require a fully working brain.  My outfit consists of the following pieces:

travel uniform1
This is probably the most casual of my travel outfits, particularly because of the shoes.  But, dang, I was comfy and not completely slovenly looking.
  • Leggings or Stretchy Jegging-type Jeans: I want to be comfortable while still looking put together; therefore, no sweats.  You’ll never see anyone wearing sweatpants upgraded to first class.  With the right top and shoes, black leggings can look very polished while still feeling as comfortable as if you’re lounging on the couch at home.  Zara is always my go-to for leggings because they always have a version in stock that’s thicker and more pants-like.
  • Loose T-shirt or Silk Shell: I love the ones from Everlane .  They’re comfortable and flattering.
  • Cardigan: I tend to get very chilly so I like to layer up.  I use an open cardigan (which feels like a blanket) for extra warmth and coziness.  I like the ones from Lou & Grey, Madewell, and Nordstrom.
  • Scarf: Again with the layers.  I also like adding the scarf because it immediately makes people forget that you’re wearing leggings and a t-shirt.
travel uniform2
Not pjs, but pretty much just as comfy
  • Flats: I love ballet flats or smoking slippers because they make the whole outfit look a little nicer than flip flops or tennis shoes.  I know it’s disgusting, but I don’t mind being barefoot for a minute in the security line.  I do get a bit concerned about my feet sweating in flats while on a plane/train so I’ve taken to bringing socks with me for while I’m at my seat.  Another option is my trusty Adidas hard shells, which are more casual but keep me from putting my bare feet on the airport floor.  Booties are a great option in wintertime since they’re stylish but still easy to get on and off.
  • Jewelry: I actually like to travel with a little jewelry to pretty-up my ultra cozy outfit.  I usually wear pearls or other studs in my ears, a delicate necklace (or two), and a bracelet or set of bangles.  I mean I’m basically wearing pajamas so my hope is that jewelry makes me look just a liiiiittle nicer.
travel uniform3
Not wearing lipstick in this photo, but trust that it was applied before I got to the airport.  Elevates the outfit just a smidge without costing money or effort.
  • Tote Bag: I carry a tote that’s large enough to fit my iPad, book, charger, and snack with a little room leftover.  I usually carry a Le Sport Sac, but I also like the LL Bean boat and tote or a Kate Spade tote bag.
  • Cross-body Bag: I like to keep a simple cross-body bag as my purse separate from my tote so I can easily access my wallet, ticket, and cell phone.  Since I’m almost always carrying on my luggage, this purse needs to be small enough to fit inside my tote bag (see above) to adhere to the 2 bag rule, should the gate agents give me any trouble.
travel uniform4
Layers are key