3 on Thursday

Well, we’re back from our honeymoon and I can officially say it was 16 days of total amazingness.  It was positively perfect.  Everything turned out even better than I imagined and I think I have quite a knack for vacation planning!  Today’s 3 on Thursday focuses on just a few snapshots from the trip.  I’ll be posting a whole bunch of recaps in a week or two, but I simply can’t wait that long to talk about our experience.

3 on thurs1_7.20.17

One of the best things about the B&Bs and hotels in Europe is that they all come with breakfast – and it’s quite the spread!  We were spoiled by the breakfast at our first hotel, which was the best of the trip.  I really wish I could wake up to this every morning.

3 on thurs2_7.20.17

There are scooters everywhere in Italy – they probably outnumber cars.  I wasn’t confident enough to drive one myself, but I loved seeing them zip around.

3 on thurs3_7.20.17

The port of Salerno had all the sea smells I crave in the summer.