3 on Thursday / Bits & Bites

3 on Thursday

This is the first week that felt truly normal since returning from our honeymoon.  I’ve gotten back to a normal workout routine that combines regular gym-going with one fun specialty class (vs. two weeks of a packed 305 Fitness schedule thanks to a flash sale).  I’ve also found my groove of cooking again after a lot of eating out.  Last weekend was incredibly slow, which felt strange, but I really think it helped get me back on track.  This weekend, I hope to incorporate a few more activities, especially since my beau has been traveling for business for half the week – it’ll be fun to hang out with him!  I’m most excited for a movie in the park we have planned for tomorrow night.  I hope everyone is gearing up for a great weekend!

3 on thurs1_8.3.17

We are currently in the middle of the awful chore that is finding a new apartment in New York.  Nothing has been perfect, and it has been extremely frustrating and discouraging.  Last weekend I absolutely fell in love with a place that checked every single box – and then some.  Unfortunately, after getting into a bidding war, we lost.  I guess it just was not meant to be.  One of the reasons I liked the apartment is because it was in South Harlem, a neighborhood we have recently become interested in.  One thing I always do when considering an apartment is walk around the area to make sure I feel safe, see if there are good restaurants/bars nearby, and confirm the necessities (grocery store, Duane Reade) are in close proximity.  I had heard about Harlem Coffee Co. via Marcus Samuelsson’s Instagram and was happy to see that it was super close to the apartment.  I loved it and it made me love the neighborhood even more.  Now we just have to find an apartment there….

3 on thurs2_8.3.17

Last weekend I hosted an event for the NYC Dawgs, the UGA alumni group in NYC.  While the event was not as successful as we had hoped, it was still a fun afternoon and made me a little nostalgic that I have decided to step away from the board.  After serving for 9 years (for the last several years as Vice President), it’s time to move aside and make way for some new blood.  It feels like the end of an era!

3 on thurs3_8.3.17

On Tuesday I asked Albert to pick up radishes on his way home from the gym since Trader Joe’s has stopped selling them (ugh).  Just as I was putting the Taco Tuesday fixins in the oven, he walked in with the radishes as well as some beautiful flowers so I can be reminded of him while he’s away on business.  I had actually picked up a small bouquet that afternoon as well so my home is looking particularly gorgeous this week.  Tacos AND flowers?  Good Tuesday.

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