Seasonal Tastes: August 2017 – Cucumber Radish Salad

I love cucumber all year round, but it’s particularly popular in the summer time because it’s so darn refreshing.  You know what else is popular in the summertime?  Picnic salads.  These all come with a creamy dressing and shouldn’t really be considered a salad since they’re made with potatoes or pasta…not a veggie in sight.

I recently spotted this recipe for cucumber radish salad on Pinterest and made a few changes so it would be a little more…me.

cucumber radish salad1

The main work comes from slicing your veggies.  1 cucumber and 8-10 radishes, sliced thinly will work out to about 4 salad appetizer servings.  If this is being served as a side dish, it’ll serve about 2 people.  To your veggies add 3 thinly sliced scallions (white and light green parts) and a handful of chopped chives.  That’s the entirety of the salad itself.

cucumber radish salad2

For the dressing, mix equal parts sour cream and Greek yogurt (for this portion, 1/4 c. of each should work) with the juice of half a lemon and garlic powder, white pepper, and salt to taste.  I love that the lemon thins it out a bit – this dressing won’t be gloppy and overtake the veggies.

cucumber radish salad3

So basically, in adapting the recipe I added chives, lemon, and white pepper, and switched out the garlic for garlic powder.  They’re small changes, but I think they make a big difference.  The result is a salad that takes no time to whip up as an addition to a weeknight meal (in our case, a great starter on Taco Tuesday, a night that is typically devoid of veggies).  It’s also a great picnic dish because it satisfies the crowd that desires something creamy without being overly heavy since it’s mayo and carb free.

cucumber radish salad4