Lobster Rolls

Now that there is only 1 month officially left of summer, I’m working my way through my summer checklist.  I decided this Sunday was time to cross “make a lobster or shrimp roll at home” off the list.  I’m so glad I did because this was hands down the best way to close out an already great weekend.

lobster rolls2

Full disclosure: I cheated a little bit.  Instead of fresh lobster, I used frozen langostino tails from Trader Joe’s.  “Langostino” means mini lobster in Spanish, and these crustaceans fall within the same order but different infraorder as the lobsters we know and love.  The taste is essentially the same, but they’re less expensive and come in a pre-cooked, frozen variety at Trader Joe’s that means I merely had to let them defrost in the fridge while I enjoyed Sunday Funday.

First, mix your lobster meat with mayo (I used…I don’t know…3 tablespoons?  4?) as well as two thinly sliced scallions (white parts only), a handful of fresh basil (chopped), salt, and white pepper.  If you’re using frozen lobster or shrimp, I would throw this mixture into colander and let it drain because the frozen stuff retains a little water and you don’t want soupy mayo.

Next, get your buns ready.  If you can find them, I strongly suggest using split top hot dog buns instead of regular old ball park hot dog buns.  It’s more authentic, holds more filling, and toasts up better.  Melt one tablespoon of butter and use a brush to paint the butter on any part of the bun that’s been cut.  Stick the buns on the grill or cast iron skillet and let those buttered bits get nice and toasty.  Fill the buns with the lobster filling and you’re good to go.

lobster rolls4

Note: one bag of Trader Joe’s langostino tails is 12 oz. and that worked out to 3 lobster rolls, which was the perfect amount for two people.  Also, that bag of langostino tails is only $12.99 and since all other ingredients total maybe $7, you’re feeding 2 people for basically the price of one restaurant lobster roll, which will run anywhere from $17 to $22.

lobster rolls6
Served with buffalo cauliflower (with blue cheese)

This is such an easy recipe to throw together.  In fact, I cooked everything while my beau loaded his laundry in the washing machine.  And it tastes like SUMMER.  My only regret is that we ate this meal inside when it obviously should have been enjoyed on the roof.

lobster rolls7