3 on Thursday

Last weekend was a perfect mix of busy (movie in the park + drinks on Friday; apartment hunting, boozy brunch, and recipe testing on Sunday) and relaxing (not getting out of pajamas on Saturday).  I don’t yet have much planned for this weekend, but I hope I can find the same kind of balance.

3 on thurs1 -8.10.17

It’s rare that we go out for dinner on a Monday, but it was one of the rare opportunities when our schedules jived with my aunt and uncle’s.  We went to Marta (pizza yummm) where I love the ultra high ceilings with their fun chandeliers. 

3 on thurs2 -8.10.17

Arriving home at 10 PM, this is not the scene you want to see directly below your bedroom window.  That said, it may not be ideal to have construction going on in the middle of the night during the week, but it was an oddly cool sight.

3 on thurs3 -8.10.17

By now you know I’m a 305 Fitness junkie.  One reason I like the brand is because it’s just that: a brand.  I really like their marketing efforts, including this one, which plays off their “The Other You” platform.  I was happy to see all the tabs had been torn from the flier – more 305 Fitness for all!