Coco & Cru

I’m a big fan of the wave of Australian restaurants that seems to be popping up in NYC.  If you follow my Insta stories, my love of Ruby’s is well documented.  Aussie food seems great.  It pretty much seems like American food with more quinoa bowls, avocado, and poached/soft boiled eggs.  Nothing wrong with that.

coco & cru2coco & cru3

Speaking of quinoa bowls, that’s exactly what I ordered.  I went with the green bowl, which was packed with all things healthy (spinach, broccoli, kale pesto, avocado, and poached egg) and all things flavorful.  The waitress asked if I wanted to add any additional protein and I’m glad I said no – while pulled pork or chicken would have, I’m sure, been tasty, the bowl was plenty filling as is.  Apparently it’s one of the most popular items on the menu, and I can see why.  Creeping up from behind in the race for the popularity crown, the waitress informed us, is the quinoa crusted salmon salad.  All three other girls at our table ordered it and each cleaned their plates.

coco & cru5coco & cru6

For drinks I was interested in trying the coffee old fashioned, the classic cocktail made with a cold brew.  However, once I heard it was happy hour, I decided to go with a glass of wine and a latte on the side for my caffeine fix.  I felt that was a perfect compromise, but I do intend to go back for the coffee old fashioned because it’s just so darn intriguing.

coco & cru4

While Coco & Cru may not be as close to my apartment as Ruby’s, it’s very nice to add another Aussie-leaning restaurant to my list.  Also, because it’s location is close to everything but feels a little awkward on Broadway, it’s not as crazy packed.  It was nice not to feel rushed, extra nice because the staff was so awesomely accommodating.

coco & cru7

Everything was fresh and delicious.  In fact, there were so many items we wanted to try that we decided to make it the spot for our next book club meeting as well.  I think that’s a solid endorsement.