3 on Thursday

I got my wish!  This past weekend was nice and balanced, just like the one before it.  I had a good mix of staying in with yummy takeout as well as a fun day/night out on the town.  Can we make it a threepeat?!

3 on thurs1 - 8.17.17

On Saturday, Albert had his fantasy football draft, which meant a full day of partying with the boys.  Even though they had a 5 hour open bar ahead of them, two of the guys wanted to stop by our apartment first to bring over wedding presents.  Albert asked if I would throw together a last minute brunch, and I happily obliged.  I realized this was my first time hosting a brunch, and it felt like SUCH a New York experience.  I went downstairs to our local spot to pick up fresh bagels and a variety of cream cheeses and whitefish salad.  Then I quickly cooked some bacon in the oven and threw together a fruit salad.  Mimosas rounded everything out.  It was pretty much just assembling things, but it looked pretty and for some reason just felt like the NYC thing to do.  

3 on thurs2 - 8.17.17

One of the coolest things about Manhattan in August is Summer Streets.  A huge stretch of Park Avenue is shut down between 7 AM and 1 PM every Saturday of the month.  You can bike, runs, or stroll right down the middle of the street.  Not only is it great to get active, it feels oddly liberating.  I managed to squeeze in a 3.25 mile run just before they opened the streets back up to traffic, and it was a great way to get energized before meeting friends for rooftop drinks.

3 on thurs3 - 8.17.17

We had zero plans on Sunday, but by 1 PM Albert was antsy to get out of the house so I threw on a bathing suit and we ran to Whole Foods to pick up snackies before spending 2.5 hours in Central Park.  I hadn’t been in a couple months (a long time for me) and it was so nice to just relax on the grass with a good book.  It was still a lazy Sunday, but it was a lazy Sunday in a gorgeous setting.