I was wary of SLT but decided to go when I received a freebie class through a friend.  Basically, SLT (which stands for Strengthen Lengthen and Tone) is a 50 minute, full body workout that uses weighted springs of a Megaformer pilates machine.  I had never done pilates, and this is basically pilates plus.  Nothing like jumping right in, I suppose.


The studio itself is simple and efficient, but there’s a nice pop of fun with their “Better Sore Than Sorry” slogan splashed across the wall.  And when you want to splash something on your face, the bathroom has Glossier/Into The Gloss approved products.  Nice touch.  There are no showers and you’ll break a sweat so plan accordingly.  Also, there are cubbies for your things but no actual lockers, so leave your valuables at home.



I walked into the class quite nervous.  As a cardio gal, would this be enough of a workout?  Would I be able to figure out the machines?  Would I be able to handle the notoriously tough workout?  My fears were put at ease as soon as the class started.  The studios vary in size depending on location, but only have 10-13 Megaformer machines. max  That means Cristina, our instructor, could walk around and provide individual attention.  It was a big help in understanding the machines (which are simpler than they appear) and in making sure I was doing the moves properly.  She was able to show me, for instance how to best position my foot or when a leg needed to be straightened.


So how did I feel about it?  I liked it.  Way more than I thought I would.  It was hard but also not at the same time.  The moves are simple (think: lunges), but they engage the right muscles so you’ll definitely feel it.  While I exercise often, ab/mat work is the bane of my existence.  I can never get through a full 10 minute ab routine.  This, however, I could do, and because I was doing it properly (vs. the guessing game I play when I do crunches), I actually saw results.

There is nothing remotely like this at my gym so I feel a bit justified in spending the $40/class.  I can’t spend it often, but maybe twice/month?  This is the only Megaformer studio in NYC, but I know other cities have options as well.  In Atlanta, for instance, people seem to love Stellar Bodies.  It also appears that all other cities come in at least $10 cheaper than NYC SLT prices, so there’s that.


This is definitely a class I would recommend checking out.  It almost felt like I was receiving a personal training session.  I can motivate myself to get out and run and even to do some weights, but this got me to do those exercises that are so important but so easy to eschew.