3 on Thursday

I’m not gonna lie, this has been a FABULOUS week, primarily because it began with an amazing family vacation in Punta Cana.  Though it was my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary, WE received the amazing gift of vacation.  In addition to loving paradise, it was so wonderful to have the whole family together, including my two nephews.  As always, the best part is coming back to a short work week.

3 on thurs1_8.31.17

This photo was taken from a bed IN the pool.  Talk about living the life!  I enjoy the beach, but I’ve always been more of a pool gal, so it was nice to have such a wonderful one to lounge in.  Can you spot my beau?

3 on thurs3_8.31.17

On the way to our beach chairs we spotted a huge inflatable slide and my nephews’ eyes lit up.  We had to cut them off because they would have slid down that thing for hours.  One of the best parts about this trip was getting to spend so much time with my nephews, especially Brooks who has developed the cutest personality.  We got a lot of QT and I honestly can’t tell you how great that is.  Some of his cute saying and adorable-ness may not shock and awe the rest of my family who sees him every day, but for me, everything that comes out of his mouth is surprising and cute.

3 on thurs2_8.31.17

Not much to say about this photo other than…take me back to paradise.