Salad with BBQ Ranch Dressing

A salad for supper isn’t really a dude-friendly meal, regardless of how much stuff you pack in there.  But tell that dude that there’s BBQ sauce in the mix and he’ll likely get on board.  Guys love BBQ sauce.  It’s a fact.

salad with bbq ranch1
This dressing.  Makes all the difference.

This salad has tons of stuff going on.  Just because the base is green and leafy doesn’t mean there’s not lots of protein and fun stuff.  You’ll almost forget you’re eating a salad with this one.  Basically, just throw the following ingredients in a bowl and ENJOY.

  • Lettuce (I used a super greens mix – there’s enough in this salad that a tough green can actually hold its own; shredded brussels sprouts would also work here.)
  • Tomato
  • Chicken (I baked up chicken tenders with a little olive oil and salt/pepper – super healthy.  They’re shown as tenders in the pic, but I did chop them up.  Rotisserie chicken would work fine and would make this an extra quick meal.)
  • White Beans (rinsed)
  • Broccoli (roasted)
  • Scallions (white and green parts)
  • Parsley
  • White Cheddar (shredded)
  • Avocado
  • Frizzled Onions (those things you put on top of a green bean casserole)
  • BBQ Ranch Dressing (simply mix ranch dressing with bbq sauce to taste – it’s that easy)

salad with bbq ranch2

This meal takes about 20-25 minutes to pull together.  Throw the chicken and broccoli in a 425 oven (on two separate pans) and prep everything else while that’s cooking.

Toss together with the world’s easiest salad dressings that’s also one of the yummiest.  I honestly don’t know why I never thought about combining ranch and bbq sauce before.  It’s so yummy.  I prefer a bbq sauce that’s not overly sweet, but that’s up to you.  So the ranch is maybe not the healthiest, but you can always swap that for low fat ranch.  Also, you really don’t need much dressing for this salad.  1/4 cup is plenty for an entire salad (made with a full clamshell of lettuce).  And ok ok fine those fried onion thingies are the the only legit unhealthy thing in here, but don’t we all deserve a little fun?

salad with bbq ranch3