3 on Thursday

I’m so sad Labor Day weekend has come and gone.  This summer has been so busy for us – packed with a honeymoon and several weddings – that it absolutely flew by.  Like always, I find myself wishing for more summer but more this year than ever before since it was such a quick one.  Thankfully, we’re not letting the fun stop just because the seasons are changing and are already embarking on our next mini vacation.  We leave tonight for Chicago and then it’s off to South Bend to watch the Dawgs take on the Fighting Irish!

3 on thurs1_9.7.17

On Saturday we headed to Middletown, NY to see two of our friends tie the knot.  The wedding was fun, the food was good, and the rain held off until after the outdoor ceremony.  We also opted to take a car service back at the end of the night – we may not have gotten home til 3 AM, but it was so nice to wake up in our own bed.  I also still LOVE seeing our names as Mr. and Mrs. Neudeck – I’m not sure that one will get old.  Even better, we happened to be sitting at table 4, which is our lucky number.

We celebrated Rebekah’s birthday on Sunday evening with dinner at Miss Lily’s, followed by drinks at Pegu Club.  With no work on Monday, going out on Sunday is no problem!  After going out on Friday and Saturday nights, I spent all day Sunday recharging my batteries.  I finished a book, cleaned out the fridge, and lounged around.  It was nice to have some downtime in the middle of what turned into a very busy weekend.  After a full day of rest, I was ready to go out and celebrate Rebekah!

3 on thurs3_9.7.17.JPG

Our friend Jess invited us over to her place in Hoboken on Monday so we could chill by the pool.  I’m so glad she extended an invitation because it would not have felt like a successful Labor Day weekend if I wasn’t in my bathing suit with a view of the river, sipping rosé.  By the time I got home, all the running around from the weekend finally caught up to me.  I managed to shower and eat some takeout in pjs while watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory before putting myself to bed at 10 PM.