3 on Thursday

I’m still in a good mood after a UGA win against the Fighting Irish this past weekend.  Not only was the game fun, it was great to experience Chicago for the first time.  Now that we’re back in NYC, this weekend will be relatively low key.  I am running a 10K on Sunday and have cut out booze for the days beforehand so I’ll spend the first two nights of the weekend watching Netflix and packing because we have to be out of our apartment in a week and a half eek!

3 on thurs1_9.14.17

I was beyond excited to win the UGA/ND game this past weekend.  It was an incredibly tense game that came down to a single point.  I was watching it right next to my beau, his best friend, and his best friend’s wife…all diehard Notre Dame fans so there was a lot on the line.  Albert was a good sport and held up his end of our bet, wearing a UGA shirt for the full bus ride back to Chicago after the game.  Not only was it great to see the Dawgs bring home the W, it was amazing to see them represent.  The stadium was almost 50% red and black – pretty crazy considering it’s halfway across the country.  The weekend became quite the event.  We flew up Thursday night, had all day Friday to explore Chicago, and then took a party bus with a ton of my friends and family to South Bend for a crazy tailgate.  A little more exploring on Sunday morning before heading back to NYC.  It was a great weekend, and I loved Chicago (but more on that in a couple months when I share my travel journal on an upcoming Travel Tuesday).

3 on thurs2_9.14.17

I’m not entirely sure about all of New York, but I can tell you that the vibe near my office on September 11th is incredibly somber.  Everything about the day is different, including the path I take to the office.  Typically, I walk through the memorial itself as it’s the most direct route; however, because they were reading the names of the victims, I was physically barred from the area and took the long way around.  If I wasn’t already reflective on that day, that would have made me think about the gravity of the situation.  While the office itself was mostly just another day, it’s hard not to think about the fact that the desk I sit at is in a building once known as 2 World Trade that was severely damaged in the attack.  The workday proceeded as normal until I left to go home when I was faced with more memorials.  Our favorite neighborhood bar, O’Hara’s, is fun because it’s a fireman’s bar…because it’s right next door to the Ladder 10 firehouse, which is directly across the street from the twin towers and was home to many first responders, six of whom died that day while serving as the city’s bravest.  I was not in New York on 9/11.  I can not claim that grief other New Yorkers feel so deeply.  But this has been my home for ten years – almost a third of my life – and on that day I do feel a profound sadness for and pride in my city.

3 on thurs3_9.14.17

Yesterday, my beau brought home some flowers so I could be reminded of him while he’s away on business.  He’ll only be gone one night this time, but I love that I have some pretty blooms to look at while he’s gone.  It was also a nice pick-me-up after I spent a couple hours at the doctor trying to figure out what was going on with a mysterious rash and learning virtually nothing.  When it comes to florals, I gravitate most towards greenery and non-traditional things so I love those cabbage looking ones in this bouquet.