What’s Cookin?

I got that summertime sadness

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The Bean in Chicago


what's cookin - sept 2017_1
Waves rolling in

Food for Thought

  • Forbes’ list of 2017’s highest paid authors makes me want to really get to work on my own writing.
  • I’m not sure I’d want to sit around and read aloud to each other, but some of these ideas for bookish date nights are really cute.  I may have to try one out with my beau!
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Exploring the Notre Dame campus

Bits & Bites

  • The whole Scandinavian/modern/minimalist look has never been my thing.  It’s interesting to see that perhaps it’s on the way out and “New Victorian” may be the next big thing in home decor.  Though I prefer a bit more light, this is way more my style so I’m not complaining about the shift!
  • I love this small change an Australian grocery store is making that will majorly reduce stress for shoppers with an autistic family member.
  • Address numerology is so much fun (and kinda spot on!).  If you like combining your first pet with the street you grew up on to find your stripper name, you’ll enjoy this.
what's cookin - sept 2017_3
I may not have been in Sanford Stadium, but it was amazing watching the Dawgs take the field in South Bend.  Taking home a W was that much sweeter.