3 on Thursday

This week is a little crazy as we prepare to move out of our apartment.  It feels very rushed, but I’m confident it will all get done.

3 on thurs1_9.21.17

This pic may be blurry, but it was one of the only photos I got from the 10K I did on Sunday.  On the far left you can see my beau, around mile 1.  As usual, he was far ahead of me (he’s quite the speedster), but he ended up not having his best run and – for the first time ever! – I beat him in a race.  I don’t mean to gloat, but that’s never happened before so I was pretty proud of myself.  I was also proud of my overall time.  At first, I gave myself the goal of beating the time of my one other 10K (3 years ago), which was 57:16.  As the race approached, however, I sensed I could do better.  My new goal became 54:00, which would be an 8:42 pace.  Throughout the race, my Map My Run app showed me tracking at an even better pace – I was doing it!  Unfortunately, my app was a little off, and it turns out I was running a bit slower than I thought.  Final time: 54:57; 8:51 pace.  Not too shabby!  The main number was still a 54, which is what I really cared about.  I’m very impressed with myself that I finished 6.2 whole miles (which is several more than I’ve ever run at one time, aside from that one other 10K) at a sub-9 pace.  And at the age of 32, no less!  Runners high is REAL.  The positive feelings I had post-race have carried me through this week.

Most people know I still sleep with a stuffed animal.  I am not ashamed.  What not everyone knows is that the stuffed animal, my Bella, is actually not the Snoopy she appears to be.  Snoopy, in fact, had a lesser known sister named Belle, distinguished by her eyelashes, and that’s who I cuddle with every night.  I was thrilled to see that there is an art exhibit happening right now in my office building where designers are dressing up both Snoopy and Belle in their artistic creations.  In honor of Fashion Week, the world’s top designers outfitted the famous stuffed pups and they are all on display.  From Chanel to Rodarte, the gang’s all here!  I love seeing them all dressed up, especially in the more creative designs (some of my favorites pictured above).  

3 on thurs3_9.21.17

If you follow me on Insta stories, you’ve seen how I like to document the flower displays in my apartment building lobby.  Every week we get a beautiful and creative bouquet of seasonal blooms.  Seeing the displays change keeps me from feeling like a robot commuting to work each day.  And they’re just plain pretty to look at (the florist does a truly amazing job).  Yesterday, we got a fresh vase, and I realized it would probably be the last lobby flowers I see before we move.  I don’t know that our new building will do this (I don’t think they will), and it makes me sad that we’ll no longer have this little touch that always brightens my day.