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We’re on Style Me Pretty!

We interrupt our regular Travel Tuesday broadcast to bring you an exciting announcement: our wedding is featured on the FRONT PAGE of Style Me Pretty today!


This feature came as a complete surprise to me.  I knew our photographer was submitting snaps from our wedding to various sites/magazines so the photos could hopefully be published, but all photographers do that.  It’s standard practice.  He had asked me a few basic questions about vendors and the wedding day itself, but I didn’t think much of it.  Frankly, tens of thousands of weddings happen each weekend and the photographers from every single one are likely submitting their work to publishers so I didn’t think anything would come of it.  I was shocked and thrilled when our wedding planner emailed to tell us our wedding would be on the site!

style me pretty1

I absolutely love how everything came out.  Of course, I am happy to relive the day all over again.  After all, it was pretty much the best day of my life.  Thank you to Style Me Pretty for loving our wedding as much as we did!

FYI: Long before this, I had been a fan of Style Me Pretty.  Not only do they do a great job summarizing weddings and capturing what makes them special, they call out vendors and color schemes in a way that makes it a very handy tool for planning your own wedding.  Their Instagram was definitely a source of inspiration for me.

2 thoughts on “We’re on Style Me Pretty!

  1. I loved this and looking through all the pics! Seriously…the most beautiful wedding and reception I have ever seen!!! XOXO


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